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Lifting the Veil

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Name:Lifting the Veil ;; a panfandom survival/horror RP
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Lifting the Veil

Countless wars and too much death has unbalanced the afterlife's cycle-- and so the Earth reaches out to the first people it can touch, dragging them into a ruined world.

In the small, run down town of Rosethorne, a small group of people must figure out how to restore the Earth and survive alongside all the horrors that the afterlife can produce. Will you be one of the few? Can the Veil ever be restored to the way it should be?

Lifting the Veil is a panfandom, OC-friendly roleplaying game that fits neatly into the supernatural survival/horror genre. It's an extremely friendly game, so feel free to stop by the AIM chatroom at liftingtheveil and chat with us! We'd love to see you, and don't forget: you give us the apps, we give you the account creation codes!

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